Sandblasted panes are sealed with a coating that fills pores and permanently protects the peaks and troughs of the blast-cleaned surface against deep penetrating dirt, such as from greasy fingers and fingerprints. More stubborn dirt can be removed with an alcohol-based glass cleaner. The cleaning effort can thus be reduced by up to 90%.

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Benefits for you

  • Odourless, solvent-based coating (isopropanol)
  • One-step polishing
  • Surface look and feel like etched glass (soft touch) depending on beam depth
  • One component, ready for use, no mixing, no pot life
  • Curing and waiting time depending on the quantity,surface can be handled immediately
  • No activation with UV light, chemicals, heat, polishing or washing necessary
  • Stable for at least 12 months in unopened containers

Benefit for
your customers

  • A clean surface with little effort
  • Sealant virtually indestructible
  • Extremely durable and resistant
  • Many years of use in private and public buildings with high footfall (hotels)
  • Sanitary cleaners sufficient and cleaning intervals altered significantly, reducing the amount of cleaning agent and effort by approx. 90%

The ideal companion

Our Universal PreCleaner is the perfect addition to all glass surfaces for direct pre-cleaning. This product supports the effect of easy clean and antifingerprint products and thus enhances their surface many times over.

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